About Oltina

is nr. 1 also in the TOP OF PRAHOVEN COMPANIES 2018

At the event organized by the Prahova Chamber of Commerce and Industry in November 2018, Oltina companies were particularly recognized for an evolution in the field of Manufacture of milling and bakery products obtained and another place 1, granted to the Large Enterprises in the field! Oltina dedicates the deserved place 1 to the 400 employees, our partners and clients and we thank you for the support!

About Oltina
Milling and Bakery

The commercial company Oltina IMPEX PROD COM SRL is a successful company with Romanian capital, with a rich experience in the field of milling and bakery, being at this moment the undisputed leader in the region in the field of milling and bakery..
Established in 1994 in the city of Urlati - Prahova, Oltina has become, after 25 years of permanent investments and improvement, the company of the profile preferred by the majority of consumers, Oltina products being appreciated because they meet the most demanding demands of the market.
The more than 400 highly skilled employees in the field of milling and bakery work daily, with skill and dedication, to produce and distribute breads and specialties of bakery, wheat flour and maize throughout Romania, in EU member states, but also in states. from Central and Eastern Asia, the development of the distribution network is constantly expanding.
Our company takes care of the staff to be well motivated and to have a high level of professional conduct.
WE ARE SPECIALIZED in bread production, bakery and pastry specialties, wheat and corn flours as well as in their distribution.
Oltina bakery products and bakery specialties are distributed in all the counties of Romania and in some EU countries.
Milling products (wheat flour and maize) are distributed throughout the country and in EU and Asian countries.
Through investments of approx. 20 million euros, the production units of Oltina have been refurbished with machinery purchased from world-renowned companies such as BUHLER Germany, Ocrim Italy, Gostol Slovenia, etc., thus bringing a higher quality to our products.

Short history

The company Oltina Impex Prod Com SRL was founded in 1994, having as main activity the trade.    In 1999, the company decided to add the field of activity - Panificati.
In 2006, with the change of the shareholding it was decided to continue the investment in the milled sector by accessing a SAPARD Program (C 1.10602633100084 / 26.09.2006 - «Modernization of the primary processing capacity of cereals, extension of the capacity for storage and purchase of transport equipment - City Urlati - Prahova county »- project completed), but also with the help of own resources, in this way the mill being modernized to a total capacity of 240-260 to / 24h - which led to the change of the main field of activity in Milling
In 2009 the company accessed a grant program through Measure 123 - C123060833100006 / 21.08.2009 This project has allowed "Increased competitiveness and quality of procurement processes, processing and marketing for wheat mill SC Oltina IMPEX COM SRL, City URLATI , PRAHOVA COUNTY »- project completed.
In 2009, the company accessed CAEN 1071 a program under the state aid scheme XS13 / 123A / 2008 - Establishment of a bread and pastry factory, Urlați city, Prahova county through the state aid scheme XS13 / 123A / 2008 - C123A050833100015 / May 18, 2009 - investment completed in 2011.
In 2012, the company submitted a project through the state aid scheme no. N 578/2009 related to measure 123 for setting up «Oltina confectionery factory.
Also, as a desire to implement and keep up to date with the latest European standards in 2012, SC Oltina IMPEX COM SRL became a full member of Romanian Employers industry milling and baking flour products ( ROMPAN) from that moment participating in all the actions of the representative forum both in the country and abroad.


Since its inception, our basic objective is to ensure the most diversified assortment and high quality products in accordance with the client's requirements, with the legal requirements and the regulations applicable in the profile industry. We are convinced that we can prosper and evolve only by fulfilling all the wishes of our clients. This is why we use all the resources we have so that, in the end, we can present a product of the highest quality.


Professionalism : we tend towards performance through teamwork and professionalization of employees. We pay attention to every detail and this allows us to offer quality products.
Quality : represents the basic value of our company. This obliges us to provide quality products, fast delivery services and a high frequency of supplies so that the products remain fresh throughout the day.
Initiative : each client is unique, but we always try and succeed in finding solutions for each one. Therefore, we stimulate the initiative and the search for the respective solutions that fit the requirements of our clients and partners.
Through seriousness, professionalism and respect for quality, Oltina has earned its reputation, now becoming a valued brand in the bakery industry.